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Equilibrium Foods Wins Big at MEA Business Awards

Equilibrium Foods Wins Big at MEA Business Awards

Equilibrium Foods has been awarded a prize by Middle East and Africa (MEA) Markets, as best health and beauty distributor – Southern Africa.
From Methotrexate to Natural – my 2 year successful journey.

From Methotrexate to Natural – my 2 year successful journey.

I have arthritis. My rheumatologist thinks it’s psoriatic arthritis because of my eczema history, even though I have the symptoms of rheumatoid art...
My Successful, Natural Arthritis Journey – Part 2

My Successful, Natural Arthritis Journey – Part 2

My blog “From Methotrexate To Natural – My 2 Year Successful Journey” ended in October 2020. I was not expecting to have any further improvement and was not expecting to put pen to paper again.

But a couple of things have happened that have almost dramatically improved my arthritis - again...

Dr Chris Steele on Lifemel Honey

For Cancer and Chemotherapy Side Effects

CANCER treatment usually comes in the form of chemotherapy, but this can bring down a patient’s white cell count - the cells of the immune system involved in protecting the body against both infectious disease and foreign invaders. Television doctor Dr Chris Steele recommended on This Morning a particular honey that could help keep chemotherapy patients' white cell count up.

Our carefully selected herbal extracts are fed directly to the honeybees.

A unique process takes place in the body of the honeybees, amplifying the qualities of the natural herbs.

This process gives us powerful natural remedies to counter multiple health issues.

This form of production ensures full absorption of the active ingredients by the human body.

LifeMel Range - Testimonials

After testing COVID positive and recovering relatively well I had a lingering cough and low energy levels for weeks afterwards.  I started taking Bronchomel and EnergyMel and within less than a week my cough was gone and energy levels were back to normal. 
What a great product, I am grateful that I was introduced to the LifeMel range of products.


I am fighting breast cancer with mets to the bones and liver.  I have been receiving chemo again since February and it has been a constant fight to keep my blood levels good.  I have now been using LifeMel for a month and all my blood counts have already increased substantially.  Thank you Dennis Feldman for your compassion and support, I can highly recommend this product.

[17 August 2018]

Amanda Coetzee

Recurring pneumonia with repeat antibiotics. Started using DefenseMel and BronchoMel. Frankly, I am very impressed. For the past week I didn’t wake up once with a coughing session at 2am, and for the past three days none during the day either. I am convinced your product is the real thing.

Thank you for introducing it to me - I am now a fan.

[4 April 2019]

Elsa Kruger

I have used all the products now with fantastic results. Jonathan is using the Energymel and has told me he is finding it easier to wake up in the morning and focus at work. I used the Virmel when I was ill and managed to avoid the antibiotics by using your supplements. I've used the Bronchomel for Vixi and now my aupair is using it with great results for their chests. Definitely stocking it in my house.

[4th September 2018]

Kyara Bergstrom

I'm treated with chemotherapy, after the first chemical dose there was a significant drop in my leukocytes rates. Following publications about the merits of the company's honey I bought the product and after 5 days of treatment a repeated blood test showed that my leukocytes rates increased from 1 to 3 and my general feeling improved significantly.

Adi Harpak

I have been using your product LIFEMEL on a regular basis for a year now. I was hospitalized as a result of a collapse of my respiratory system, and a sharp drop in hemoglobin rates in my blood. I was diagnosed with emphysema and during this past year I use an oxygen generator 24 hours a day.

Over the past year, I have been using LIFEMEL regularly, and my hemoglobin level in the blood recovered and stabilized at the normal level. We wish to thank you sincerely for the development of this product, which has improved and still improves my standard and quality of living, without the need for chemical intervention.

Perl Baruch

In March 2007 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. In the following month of April, I underwent an operation, after which I was treated with chemotherapy. During that treatment I partook your honey from Israel. At that period, I had to constantly give blood samples. My blood values were relatively good during almost the entire period. I am certain that this was the result of your wonderful medicine. 

Now I can do sports again and feel well. For that I would to express my heartfelt gratitude to you.

Iacov Mariamls

You recommended that I try LARYNGOMEL as I advised that I do suffer from a severe “nasal drip” and which I believe to be the major cause of my acidic feeling and mouth taste despite the opinions of the Medical Profession to the contrary.

Well it has now been ONLY 6 DAYS of taking 2 teaspoons of LARYNGOMEL daily that I can confirm of a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in my entire health and feeling and I have had very little repercussion of the acid feeling/taste/pain. I intend purchasing a regular supply of LARYNGOMEL to continue taking same on a permanent basis and hopefully over a longer period of time, I shall be in a position to actually reduce the amount of “prescribed reflux medications” that I am required to take and which, in my opinion, do very little to assist with my problems.

Read full story here...

Bill Bowen

Straight from the Beehive

All Lifemel products are produced by honeybees that are directly fed with a mixture of herbal extracts. Mixtures are prepared for a variety of health problems. For each condition a suitable mixture is prepared. In order to obtain a maximal effect, we use the parts of the plants with the highest concentration of active ingredients. Every product has natural medicinal qualities to assist with the prevention, treatment and relief of a disease and / or symptoms.

Abbyssinian Oil Products

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Abyssinian Oil Collection

OF BEES AND HEALTH by Elenia Kolokotronis

My father’s village in the mountains of Cyprus was a difficult place to be when he was a young boy. World war after world war then saw British occu...


Two people that I know were misdiagnosed. Their cancers metastasised. One of them is Howard Butler whose article “My Health Journey” appears under ...

MY CANCER JOURNEY by Howard Dion Butler

My cancer journey started about seven years ago when a malignant melanoma (mole) was removed off my back, which I kept on scratching open after a s...


I didn’t think I could find a completely natural oil that nourishes and strengthens my hair the way Abby does but also doesn’t weigh it down. I feel I have to wash my hair every day with other oils.

"Thanks Abby"

Afri-Oil smells divine! It feels rich and oily but not greasy and sticky. Some men have commented on the lovely smell. I love that I can use on my braids because hairdressers have told me not to use Moroccan on them but this product is an anti-fungal so it is great for them. I am now using it on my natural hair as well because I took my braids out.

"Smells Divine"

This is my third week using Afri-Oil™ oil, and I say this honestly.. it is AMAZING. I haven’t scratched my head in 3 weeks now, my hair looks super healthy, shiny and strong (no breakage at all). I love the product because it’s a moisturiser and hair food all in one! And the best part of it is that I don’t need to apply a lot.

"Haven't scratched my head"

Total believer in the Abby-Oil product…It’s so so fabulous.
Its the whole product, from taming fly-sways (especially now in winter and all the jerseys), to total nourishment and the way my hair is so soft. It even enhances the colour oh and I forgot to add….the oil makes my hair so manageable, usually styling it is like trying to tame a group of hyper active gremlins but with this oil its so easy. Thank you so so much Abby!

"Makes my hair so manageable"

Afri-Oil™ has done absolute wonders for my dreads, I need more urgently!

"Wonders for my dreads"

I have been using Abby-Oil™ for the last 2 months and am really happy with the results.
I firstly use it on damp hair after washing and conditioning for the general health of my hair. I also use on dry hair should it be fly-away/static.
I can really say that the condition of my hair generally has improved since using Abby

"Hair has impoved"

Abby-Oil™ for all hair types has made my hair easier to manage, silky smooth and healthy. The serum has helped me moisturize and nourish my hair and has given it a beautiful shine. The oil is infused with an amazing natural lemon scent keeping my hair feeling light and fresh. This product is an absolute must!

"Silky smooth & healthy"

Afri-Oil is amazing… I’v been using it for 3 weeks max and my hair looks and feels healthy…Everyone around me loves it and can’t wait to get their own. I’m part of the Afri-Oil™ clan and yes it’s amazing!

"Hair looks & feels healthy"

Best leave in treatment I’ve tried. I find my hair is healthier and far more manageable.

"Best leave in treatment"