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I have used all the products now with fantastic results. Jonathan is using the Energymel and has told me he is finding it easier to wake up in the morning and focus at work. I used the Virmel when I was ill and managed to avoid the antibiotics by using your supplements. I've used the Bronchomel for Vixi and now my aupair is using it with great results for their chests. Definitely stocking it in my house.

Kyara Bergstrom

Our carefully selected herbal extracts are fed directly to the honeybees. A unique process takes place in the body of the honeybees, amplifying the qualities of the natural herbs. The process gives us powerful natural remedies to counter multiple health issues. This type of production ensures full absorption of the active ingredients by the human body. Cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation: LifeMel helps to raise the blood cell counts and helps to make the patient feel better during treatment. Please see clinical trial on home page.

EnergyMel: for chronic fatigue and can expedite healing following illness.

DefenseMel: helps to boost immune system, helps deal with viral and bacterial illnesses, allergies, chronic herpes and pyoderma.

BronchoMel : helps to treat respiratory problems.

DefenseMel and BronchoMel as a combination has been successfully used to deal with pneumonia. Please see Elsa Kruger testimonial.

LaryngoMel: helps to treat upper respiratory problems, throat and mumps. For bad colds, a mix of LaryngoMel, VirMel and Vitamin C 3 times per day will help to clear your sinuses and cold.

GastoMel: Helps to treat IBS, ulcers, bleeding ulcers, inflammation and a bad digestive system

VirMel: super boosts your immune and respiratory system and was used successfully against the H1N1 virus.

PotentMel: will help to improve virility and fertility.



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