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"I recently had a laser treatment on my legs. For some reason I had a really bad skin reaction to this treatment. I sent photos of this reaction to my therapist who was horrified. I assumed it would recover fairly quickly. However 2 weeks went by with little improvement. My therapist then suggested I try the Abby Body Oil. With no expectations I started using it. Within 2 days there was such an improvement it was hard to believe. And the healing process is complete..no scarring.

An aside to this is the fact I suffer terribly in winter with dry skin. No matter the amount of creams or oils applied nothing really helped. By the late afternoon, if I had applied cream in the morning, it had been absorbed and my skin was dry and itchy. I started using the Abby Oil on my body..a couple of squirts into my cream so it really goes far..and my skin is hydrated and like a different skin. If I hadn't experienced it myself I would think it was just  advertising. I HIGHLY recommend this product."

Pam Harley

12th July 2020

Abyssinian Oil is the new up and coming oil on the market and is something of a best kept secret!  Unique properties make it a wonderful addition to both your organic skin and hair care routines.

Abyssinian Oil comes from the flowers of the Abyssinian Plant, that originated from the Ethiopian Highlands. Today, the crops are cultivated in Mediterranean and temperate zones.  

Abyssinian Oil is very resistant to oxidation, unlike many plant oils, as it contains a high percentage of C22 fatty acids.

Natural Contents of Abyssinian Oil include – Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, proteins and minerals.

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