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Food for the body, food for the skin and hair.

Equilibrium Foods are exclusive distributors for a range of products that are totally natural and have proven track records of efficacy. 


For thousands of years the healing properties of honey have been used for all kinds of health issues.

Now, imagine the potency of honey when bees are fed specific herbs to produce something more powerful than honey - a dietary supplement that is probably the most potent, natural supplement known to us.


The LifeMel range is the result of over 30 years of extensive research by its producers, Zuf Globus Laboratories, now being sold worldwide to help people with health issues, and to assist with your general wellbeing.

Experts have recently tested the LifeMel product and proven that LifeMel contains 95.600 anti-oxidants in a 100 gram serving compared to 9.261 anti-oxidants in 100 grams of wild, raw blueberries. The research was carried out by Tor Vergata Rome University and showed that functional honey can be a perfect supplement for those wanting to increase their daily intake of anti-oxidants.

A clinical trial was recently concluded at the Universita Del Piemonte Orientale on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The patients were given LifeMel to raise the blood cell counts. 59% of the patients had no reduction in their blood cell counts. The results can be viewed on Equilibrium Foods’ homepage.

VirMel, LaryngoMel, BronchoMel, DefenseMel, EnergyMel, GastoMel, PotentMel and LifeMel are all available at leading health and online shops. 


Not many people know of the benefits of Abyssinian oil. It can be compared to Argan Oil but without the price tag.

My Abby Oils are chemical free and vegan friendly. The hair oils have NO silicon.

Robyn, who developed the My Abby range used ongoing client feedback, which revealed a definite need for gentle, pure, reasonably-priced hair care products. This prompted her to explore and research the effects of Abyssinian Oil on hair and skin. She was determined to develop chemical-free product ranges that she would use on her own hair – products that do not irritate the scalp, that make the hair feel great, that is well priced and delicately fragranced. 

My Abby Oils were developed as beauty products. But they have immense physiological properties too. I started using the Body Oil for my arthritis and I found that it helps reduce my pain levels.

Beauty, as far as My Abby Abyssinian Oils are concerned, is more than skin deep.

The LIfeMel range of dietary supplements from the beehive and My Abby Oils -

amazing natural products that are food for the body, skin and hair.