I refer to our brief meeting last week at the Bryanston Organic Market and to our subsequent telephone conversation today regarding the abovementioned product that you managed to persuade me to try for my throat/stomach related problems.

For your info and recall, I confirm that I was diagnosed approximately 2 years ago with severe reflux problems requiring a Hiatus Hernia operation on 5 December 2017. Since that time, I have continued to suffer from acidic reflux problems and have been pushed from pillar to post with different Medical Professionals but the problem has remained. I have been hardly able to eat any decent meals etc for the past 2 years and am constantly in some sort of pain as a result of acid.

You recommended that I try LARYNGOMEL as I advised that I do suffer from a severe “nasal drip” and which I believe to be the major cause of my acidic feeling and mouth taste despite the opinions of the Medical Profession to the contrary.

Well it has now been ONLY 6 DAYS of taking 2 teaspoons of LARYNGOMEL daily that I can confirm of a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT in my entire health and feeling and I have had very little repercussion of the acid feeling/taste/pain.

I intend purchasing a regular supply of LARYNGOMEL to continue taking same on a permanent basis and hopefully over a longer period of time, I shall be in apposition to actually reduce the amount of “prescribed reflux medications” that I am required to take and which, in my opinion, do very little to assist with my problems.

I thank you for your input and interest.

Kind regards


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