PotentMel helps in cases of impotency and erection problems and improves sperm quality


An original Apitherapy product which helps in cases of impotency and erection problems and improves sperm quality

The most common sexual performance problems with men – low sexual urge, premature ejaculation, erection problems, low quality of sperm (male infertility). These phenomena have an extremely negative emotional influence on men. If these phenomena last for a long time, they increase pressure which, over time, turns into depression and eventually, leads to various somatic diseases. Many scientists deal with improving men's sexual health and as a result, the market was flooded with medications such as Viagra, Sialis and the likes. The significant disadvantage of such medications is the fact that they only cure the symptoms but not the source of the problems. So, for instance, when cholesterol level in the blood is high, the blood vessels located in the genitalia do not transfer sufficient quantity of blood, thus causing a difficulty in full erection. Viagra solves this problem on a one-off base, but the cholesterol problem still remains. When developing PotentMel, the scientists of "Zuf Globus Laboratories" were guided by the wish to treat the reasons for the difficulties of male sexual performance rather than just their symptoms.

PotentMel is intended to assist in cases of male sexual dysfunction and its influence is gradual thus preparing the body to increased effort previously unfamiliar. PotentMel rehabilitates organs and systems related to male sexual function.

PotentMel is an original Apitherapy product. Active ingredients are inserted to it by bees, which are nourished with food that contains a special mixture of herbs used in conventional and popular medicine in cases of male sexual dysfunction. After being processed in the body of the bees, these active ingredients, combined with biologically active ingredients from the bee’s body, have a more efficient effect than the original plants.

PotentMel expedites the function of male sexual hormones and rehabilitates natural working capacity.

PotentMel expedites and increases the production of Testosterone and other male hormones.

PotentMel increases sexual urge (libido).

PotentMel increases the duration of erection – it lasts longer, is stronger and occurs more often.

PotentMel increases sperm production – increases the quantity of sperms and their mobility, which may be efficient in cases of male infertility.

PotentMel reduces blood coagulation which improves blood supply to the genitalia.

PotentMel – a natural, invigorating product which is great for improved life quality: for increased strength, muscles mass, resistance as well as for health rehabilitation and rejuvenation. 

PotentMel – may be used with no time limits for sexual problems prevention purposes and for maintaining ideal health.

PotentMel – systematic use of the product in cases of chronic liver diseases improves biochemical indexes in the blood.

PotentMel reduces the frequency of heart contractions and increases their amplitude, expedites breathing (expedites frequency and increases the amplitude of breathing movement) and is a well-known vasodilator.

PotentMel stimulates the central nervous system, increases motor activity and the activity related to conditioned reflexes. It improves mental and physical working capacity, sight, improves metabolism and the body's Adaptogenic properties, improves appetite, has gonadotropic affect, reduces hyperglycemia and decreases hypertension to a certain extent.

Characterization of certain plants from a mixture used to produce PotentMel.


The main plants included in the bees' food

Panax Ginseng -

Ginseng is a plant which, in certain countries, is considered an aphrodisiac and beneficial in curing erection problems. Traditionally used for enhancing sexual function, the efficiency of this herbal product was explored in several experiments only recently. The studies' results have shown, to great extent that the Ginseng increases the libido and delays ejaculation. It is also efficient in cases of neurosis and insomnia and has gonadotropic affect.

Serenoa Repens -

This is a beneficial aphrodisiac with specific properties. The fruits of this tree, if consumed regularly, invigorate the hormonal system, including the gonads, stimulate sexual urge and also have anti-inflammatory effect in cases of infections in the urinary and reproductive systems. In general, they help in reducing prostate hypertrophy. Scientific studies revealed that these fruits also contain steroidal components, which explains the invigorating influence they have on the reproductive system. This is the reason that the fruits of the Serenoa Repens are recommended in cases of enlarged prostate and for curing impotency. If regularly consumed, they stimulate the hormonal system, including the gonads. They also increase sperm synthesis.

Aralia Racemosa -

The active ingredients in the Aralia – Saponins, Triterpenoids, Flavonoids as well as other biologically active ingredients, which are beneficial in curing Asthenic-depressive conditions, over exhaustion and weakness. They have androgenous effect, stimulate sperm production, have evident anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate the phagocytozis process. These active ingredients which are present in the compound of the PotentMel product account for its efficiency in cases of prostatitis-related sexual disorders.


Inula Helenium -

This plant's active ingredients, together with other ingredients present in the PotentMel compound, have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and spasmolytic effect, which are highly important in cases of sexual dysfunction which is based on infection and prostate adenoma. Indeed, it received its name from Russian popular medicine – "Debiasil" – "Nine Forces" - for a good reason.

Vitex Agnus Castus - 

This is one of the most exceptional plants in nature. In eastern countries and beyond Caucasia Mountains it is called "King's Tree" thanks to its unique properties.  

The leaves contain vitamin C and the fruits improve the digestion process and have an invigorating effect. In addition, the fruit is used in cases of chronic liver and spleen diseases and gynecological diseases. The fruit contains a significant amount of Alkaloids. In ancient times it received the name “holy cactus”, and it seems that our forefathers and the first prophets used the plant not only for nutrition and medicinal purposes, but also in ritual ceremonies.

In the east and over Caucasia Mountains, popular healers prepare essences from the various parts of the plant (fruits and leaves) which increase male sexual potency.


Eleutherococcus Senticosus -

This plant is rich with active ingredients. The roots contain Alaotrozids, Tryptophans, Sterins and Lignans. Initial researchers of the Ginseng plant were conducted in the sixties of the 20th century and it became well known due to studies made by a world known scientist by the name I.I. Brechman in the Institute of Biologically Active Substances (USSR). According to the study's data, the Ginseng has multi-facetted influence on the human body: it stimulates the central nervous system, increases the motor activity and the activity related to conditioned reflexes. It improves mental and physical working capacity, improves eye-sight, enhances metabolism and the body's adaptogenic properties, increases appetite, has a gonadotropic affect, reduces hyperglycemia and reduces hypertension to a certain extent. It also reduces blood cholesterol levels and helps in metabolism of fats.


Schisandra Shinensis -

Information about this plant arrived from the north – the Europeans noticed that the reindeers' shepherds are active for an entire day without stopping to rest or eat, but every now and then pick up and eat red-brown grains.

According to Aborigines` stories, a handful of these grains enables them to herd their flock for the entire day. This is how the research of this plant began. The Schisandra plant contains a large amount of biologically active ingredients. The most important ingredients for the PotentMel production are essential oils, Sesquiterpene substances, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin E and also Schizdrein and Schizderol - compounds which contain the plant's basic biologic properties. During the experimental research it was established that they regulate the artery pressure, reduce the frequency of heart contractions and increase their amplitude, which expedites the breathing process. Schisandra is a well-known vasodilator.

Schisandra Shinensis is also efficient for Asthenic, Asthenic-depressive and psycho-asthenic conditions as well as for reactive depression, which are accompanied by symptoms such as exhaustion after a short period of activity, decrease in working capacity, irritation, flaccidity, somnolence and hypotony. While consuming Schisandra products, eye-sight improves, there is a diminished exhaustion during considerable efforts and night sight also significantly improves. In cases of mental and physical fatigue, the working capacity increases if Schisandra products are regularly consumed. The lack of side effects of Schisandra products enables to include it in the list of valuable stimulants.


Tribulus Terrestris -

In eastern medicine Tribulus Terrestris is considered as one of the efficient medicines which increase male sexual potency. This is a good diuretic medicine which crumbles kidney and urinary bladder stones. In addition, it has general strengthening properties.

Clinical studies proved that the Tribulus Terrestris plant increases the quantity of sperms and their mobility (male infertility). There was also evidence of a positive influence of the Tribulus Terrestris on libido and erection – the most vulnerable aspects of male sexuality.


Lepidium Meyenii ( Maca) -

Maca is recommended for problems of fertility, barrenness and sexual dysfunction. Research proved that the plant is active in respect to certain areas in the body that produce hormones and energy-boosting substances which improve libido and sexual function.

This plant is often compared to Viagra but it does not damage the blood circulation and has no side effects.


Leuzea Carthamoidis -

Known to scientists as Leuzea Carthamoidis, this plant is also known as "The Maral Root" (kind of deer). This plant belongs to the Esters family and grows in the Altai Mountains. It received its name "Maral Root" from the first Russian settlers. For many years people have noticed that in the estrus period, the Maral deer extracts the roots of a certain plant and eats them. This clue helped to discover one of the most important properties of the plant, at which point manufacture of products for curing male infertility started.  The "Maral Root" is known for curing numerous diseases and for prolonging life expectancy. It is considered a very expensive plant, especially in Tibetan medicine, whose biologically invigorating products are currently worldwide famous. In Mongolia there is an old tradition which entails brining the "Maral Root" as a gift to newlyweds so that they shall have many off springs.

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