Is it Possible to Ward Off COVID 19 Using Natural Means?

The world was unprepared for a virus that very quickly became a pandemic. The major pharmaceutical companies’ began developing a vaccine; and this they did at breakneck speed. The mNRA vaccines that have been developed have saved many lives, and have limited the severity of the illness for many. A small percentage of people have reacted adversely to the vaccine.

The speed at which everything has happened has resulted in a lack of data as to how the vaccine may interact with natural products that are essential to fighting, for example, autoimmune diseases. This is not a criticism, just a fact.

I have arthritis in all joints. My rheumatologist prescribed Methotrexate more than 3 years ago which I took once and swore never again – it wrecked me. Thus started an 18 month journey to find natural products that work, which I did successfully. Of the things that I do, only one  product is taken orally, that being C60 (Carbon 60). This has played a major part in the reduction of my inflammation – my inflammation markers are now normal.

How does the vaccine interact with C60? There is no data. We don’t know. The vaccine will either have a negative effect, minimal or no effect, or maybe a positive effect. As I had reached a point of successfully managing my pain and inflammation, I did not want to take the chance.

The threat of catching the virus was real; I lost my brother to it. So I knew I had to be careful and take precautions.

I started taking C60 orally in May 2020 for my inflammation. C60 is a very powerful anti-oxidant. At that stage, there were no vaccines. I was soon taking 80 drops daily and it was only this year that I reduced it to 50 to 60 drops daily.

I was already taking a Collagen powder that had adequate Vitamin D3, Vitamin C plus more.

In addition, soon after Covid started, I started taking 4 spoons of Virmel per week. I still do. VirMel boosts your immune and respiratory systems and can help fight off viral infections. It’s a dietary supplement made by bees.

I take Ivermectim.                                          

I eat healthily without going overboard. Lots of fruit – papaya, blueberries and the like. So lots of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C etc.

And I wear a mask, adhere to social distancing and I’m careful.

Why am I mentioning all of this? In mid May this year, I was exposed to my brother on two occassions during meals where we sat near each other, no masks. He found out later he had Covid. I tested negative.

Very recently, I was exposed to my nephew where at one point I was leaning on his back holding the umbrella against the rain while he was bent over the braai. No distancing, no masks. Two days later he tested positive. He had been double vaccinated. I tested negative.

I have probably been exposed to others whilst working, but that’s a guess.

Why am I still standing? I’m not sure:

  • I have antibodies that fight off the virus
  • What I am taking to reinforce my immune and respiratory systems is working
  • The amount of anti-oxidants I take
  • My carefulness
  • All of the above

The new Omicron variant (which my nephew got) is milder and more moderate than previous variants, with no reported deaths so far. Hopefully this is a sign that the variants are losing strength. Time will tell.

Dennis Feldman

2nd December 2021

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