Gastomel Research explained in Layman's terms

Explanation of the results of the research of our product GASTOMEL (samples from parties 158 and 170)

Purpose of the study:

1 to study the antibiotic properties of Gastomel in relation to the Helicobacter pylori microbe

2 to study the effect of Gastomel on beneficial microbes (Lactobacillus plantarum)

3 Compare the antibiotic properties of Gastomel with conventional antibiotics

4 To study the influence of Gastomel and conventional antibiotics on the beneficial microflora of the human body

First, the research methodology is described.

The discussion of the results:

On Petri dishes, we see a normal growth of two types of microbes

The method of cylinders: Gastomel, placed in the cylinder, delays the growth of Helicobacter in diameter 11-12.3 mm. At the same time, slightly affects the growth of the microbial Lactobacillus.

Conventional antibiotics, their effect on Helicobacter is more pronounced, but they very strongly inhibit the beneficial microflora.


Although conventional antibiotics act more strongly, their negative effect on beneficial microflora can cause dysbacteriosis. The damage from their application can be detrimental.

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