Equilibrium Foods is an Essential Services Provider and is trading during the Lockdown period.

I received my first shipment of dietary supplements from the beehive at the beginning of August 2018. Many promotions later, these amazing bee products are now in 25 health shops and pharmacies in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and online shops such as Faithful to Nature and Takealot. They have been enthusiastically embraced by healers and therapists. Brochures are in the Donald Gordon Chemo Oncology reception areas amongst others, and some oncologists are now encouraging the use of LifeMel.

LifeMel was designed to raise the blood cell counts during chemo and radiation, and most importantly, to generally improve the well-being of patients during treatment. A recent clinical trial undertaken in Italy found that 59% of cancer patients having chemo had NO reduction in their blood cell counts. The results of the clinical trial can be found on our website www.equifoods.co.za. The publication in a medical journal has been delayed by Covid 19.

 What has been unbelievable has been the uptake of all the other dietary supplements from the beehive. VirMel, BronchoMel, DefenseMel and LaryngoMel - all for the immune and respiratory systems, have been in huge demand, especially since the change in weather and Covid 19. EnergyMel, GastoMel and PotentMel have been used with great success. “Big time” is how someone described how GastoMel has helped his digestive system.

 Probably the most gratifying for me are the unsolicited messages I get from people who have successfully used the products. Ioanna Zografos wrote on 6th August 2019:  “Good morning Dennis. We met 2 months ago at Fruits and Roots and I bought 2 jars of beehive products from you for my mom who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and was also battling bronchitis. She had her mastectomy yesterday. But in the meantime her constant nagging cough has improved significantly. I have just bought a jar of LifeMel and BronchoMel for her as I’m on my way to see her in hospital. Wanted to give you feedback and encourage you to keep selling as your product is definitely working.” Ioanna’s mom lives in a part of Mpumalanga where the air is polluted. She gave a jar of BronchoMel to a friend who “has been on cortisone and antibiotics for years. She said she got her first full night’s uninterrupted sleep in years since taking BronchoMel.”

 I have used EnergyMel, GastoMel, DefenseMel, VirMel and LaryngoMel. Monday night two weeks ago, I came down with a severe head cold. My sinuses were sore and my nasal passages were totally blocked. I continued taking VirMel and added LaryngoMel. Within five minutes of taking LaryngoMel, I could start breathing through my nose! On Tuesday I took them three times a day with lots of Vitamin C. I woke up Wednesday morning and my sinuses were clear!

 I received a large shipment just before the lockdown in Israel, so I have stock.

 Stay safe and healthy, keep your distances, and chat next time.




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