Comparing Zuf Globus hive products and regular honey mixed with medicinal plants

Comparison between hive product manufactured with the technology of Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd, and a product made by mixing medicinal plants with regular honey.

The plant extracts which are the active ingredients, are fortified as they are processed in the bee's body. This phenomenon is significant when several plants are used in the same product, since the different plants form a synergy. In a research that we conducted, we compared the antibiotic attributes of two types of products made from eucalyptus. One type was created through the methods of Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd, and the other type was produced by combining regular honey with eucalyptus concentrate. We proved that the Zuf Globus Laboratories version was three times stronger in its antibiotic activity. 


Product manufactured by mixing medicinal plants with regular honey

Product manufactured with the technology of Zuf Globus Laboratories


Low accessibility, since the active ingredients are bound to the structural material of the plant, some of them in a resin form which is not digested in the human body.

The active ingredients are chemically bound to the honey, and therefore their accessibility is 100%.

Inter alia, the bee transforms ingredients in their resin form into water soluble ingredients, making them easy for the human body to absorb.

Accessibility of active ingredients to the human body

In a short period the plant extracts and honey separate. The active ingredients along with the plant extracts float upward and the product loses its homogeneity.

The homogeneity, that is, the equal distribution of active ingredients throughout the volume of the product is sustained for a long time, because the active ingredients are within the chemical compound of the honey, rather than mixed into it.


Very short life span, loses its medicinal attributes within a short period of time.

Maintained without any preservatives for very long time (up to decades), and keeps its medicinal attributes throughout the whole period.

Life span

Aftertaste remains. Some of the plants (such as Korean ginseng, Chinese Schisandra) have a very strong aftertaste, and make the product inedible.

The production method eliminates all aftertastes. The product remains sweet and tasty.


No homeopathic effect.

Due to the crystal structure of the honey and the way in which the bee creates it inside its body, the product receives a homeopathic chemical preparation characteristics. This enhances the effectiveness of the product. 

Homeopathic effect

In a regular mix of the extracts of the same plants with honey, the daily dosage rises to 3 cups - completely unacceptable - both due to the daily consumption of honey as well as the taste and discomfort of use.

Relatively low dosage is needed (1-3 teaspoons per day to get the desired effect), and this despite the large number of plants used.



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