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Aluminum-free Calendula Natural Deodorant

Aluminum-free Calendula Natural Deodorant

my girls

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All Day, All Night, All Natural.

Our all natural My Girls™ Skin Care calendula deodorant is free of aluminum and bactericides and won’t stain your clothes. 2.25 Oz slide-up wand spreads easily without residue.

Ingredients: *Sunflower oil infused with *Calendula, *Coconut, Beeswax, Shea Butter, *Cocoa Butter, Magnesium, Arrowroot, Kaolin clay, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rosemary Spearmint essential oil blend.

Directions for use: Use daily to control odor naturally.

Key Benefits:
  • 100% Paraben, Fragrance, Dye-free, Aluminum-free, Antiperspirant-free
  • Certified organic ingredient *
  • Glides on easily without residue, Non-GMO, Non-Staining, No animal testing
  • Natural ingredients may vary in colour and consistency.

Warnings: Caution should be used in individuals having known allergies to plants. For topical use only.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Don’t take calendula by mouth if you are pregnant. It is LIKELY UNSAFE. There is a concern that it might cause a miscarriage. It’s best to avoid topical use as well until more is known.