My Successful, Natural Arthritis Journey – Part 2

My blog “From Methotrexate To Natural – My 2 Year Successful Journey” ended in October 2020. I was not expecting to have any further improvement and was not expecting to put pen to paper again.

But a couple of things have happened that have almost dramatically improved my arthritis - again.

To recap, my C-RP in November 2020 was 2.1 and my ESR was 6 – both normal (inflammation markers).

I saw my rheumatologist in May 2021 and my C-RP was 1.5 and ESR was 9 – both normal (not sure why my ESR went up slightly from 6).

Just before I saw her, I read that if you eat an apple whilst taking C60, the C60 reacts with the hydrogens in the apple to neutralize free radicals which, in turn, reduces inflammation. So I started eating apples twice daily with my C60 and noticed an improvement. There are in fact hydrogen tablets that you can buy but they are expensive – I’ll stick to apples.

And then something happened that was totally unexpected. Two weeks ago, I noticed that my pain/inflammation levels had dropped even further. To the point where my most affected areas – shoulders, hands, wrists and feet, actually everywhere – were more pain-free, and I had more flexibility.

For example, I would apply C60 topically to my hands or feet whenever I wanted more pain relief, and to my Rotator Cuff shoulder nightly.

I have not applied C60 to my hands and feet and have used  it 3 times on my Rotator Cuff since early August. What changed?

A while back, I picked up a major virus that killed my thyroid. I had to take an anti-depressant as it (loss of thyroid) was only diagnosed more than a year later. I started weaning myself off in late 2020, to the point where I had virtually stopped taking them. So, when my arthritis started in 2018, I was taking the anti-depressant. And the pain and inflammation thrived.

I lost my brother to Covid pneumonia at the end of May 2021 and have been struggling. So I started taking the anti-depressant on or about the 7th of August.

Less than a week later, I felt that I had more movement, less pain. I was clueless as to why. I waited another week as I thought that I was having an exceptionally long arthritis honeymoon. But it continued. I realised that the only thing I had changed was to add the anti-depressant.

I already knew the anti-depressant on its own could not have helped – it had to be the combination of the anti-depressant with C60/apple. My rheumatologist said that an anti-depressant can calm the nervous system and can change one’s perception of pain. In my instance, the anti-depressant had no effect on my arthritis in 2018 and 2019 when it was at its worst. But, combined with C60, they have again changed my arthritic life for the better.                                                     

Even though I still have deformity in my fingers, I am now living a life closer to prior arthritis (pa J).

I revel in the joy of more movement and less pain.

My next mission? To find natural stuff in place of the anti-depressant.

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